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Reblog or like if you watch British murder mysteries.

Specifically - Foyle’s War. Midsomer Murders. Poirot. Marple. Inspector Morse. Lewis. Endeavour. 

I’ve been following plenty of my other fandoms, but so far I’ve kept my love of British murder mysteries to myself - its time for that to change :)

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Anonymous inquired:

I just spent 5 min giggling looking at ben's photo on my phone. Then I kissed it. Wtf is wrong with me ><

All I can say is “THANK GOD I’M NOT ALONE.”

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The shit that this man says. I bet he does it on purpose sometimes…




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I’m having a lot of sex

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cinematography porn - per episode [9/9]
↳ His Last Vow

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I stole that, because of you! I spied on my own, because of him! Do you know how that makes me feel?